Ballistic Body Armour is basically personal armor made from woven or laminated fibers (soft armour vests), which absorb the impact of the projectiles like sharpened knifes or bullets and reduces or stop their penetration to the human.  These vests are sometimes reinforced with metal or ceramic plates or inserts (hard armour vests) for imparting additional resistance to the projectile attack. Soft vests are mostly worn by police men, VIPs, security guards and bodyguards, however hard armour vests are mainly worn by soldiers, police tactical units, and hostage rescue teams.

Body Armour’s are made up of multi layers of highly strong fibers which catch and finally deform a bullet like in the shape of mushroom. Because of this situation, a major part of bullet’s kinetic energy is scattered over the larger area of the vest fiber. Some layers might also get penetrated but during the time period where in bullet deformation takes place, the energy is absorbed by a larger and larger fiber area. Although, a vest stops bullet penetration, but still during this course of action the vest and wearer absorbs the bullet’s impulse to cause blunt force trauma which is numerically expressed in terms of back face signature.

Protective Vests or body armours are of two kinds: – ballistic-resistant and stab-resistant body armor that protects the torso. Different kinds of armor are suitable for different kinds of threats. Ballistic-resistant body armor provides protection against bullet penetrations and the blunt trauma associated with bullet impacts. They further classified as soft and hard body armour. Soft Body Armour protects against handgun bullets and they are highly flexible and comfortable to wear. On other hand, hard body armour protect against rifle bullets and they are not so flexible. Stab-resistant body armor provide protection against knives and spikes. When given the choice between the soft & hard armor panel, the selection looks rather obvious initially. If there is a higher probability of shooting, one would prefer to use hard body armor with vest rather than opting for soft body armor. It’s important to make ourselves well aware about their working which will make our understanding more clearly about choosing the right body armor for the right situation.

As far as the legality regarding wearing Ballistic Body Armour is concerned, police and armed forces are for sure permitted to wear Bulletproof Vests in almost all parts of the world.  Although for civilians, it is a matter that depends upon the laws in their state or country. Generally, sellers of bulletproof vests make sure that the bullet proof vests are not sold to minors or persons with some criminal records.

Indian armour, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has introduced its Body armours that exclusively follow NIJ standards of various threat levels. These body armours are bullet, spike and stab resistant. Side Comfort Straps on our body armour vest stretch to allow the wearer to breathe comfortably besides ensuring a proper snug fit. The body armour is capable enough to avoid excessive heat buildup in a hot sunny day. Our body armour has front and rear pockets that makes it easy to either insert or remove rifle plates or strike face as when the need arises. Being cut around the arms, shoulders and sides, our body armour are quite comfortable. The design of the body armour is perfect to enable the wearer to make the body movements with ease. Our panels can be inserted perfectly into the carriers and do not require fabric in excess. In this way the rubbing action that may arise due to extra fabric, can be avoided. Our Ballistic Body Armour provides complete angular safety by completely wrapping around the side of wearer’s body. That means this arrangements ensures more coverage area for body. Our clients have given us high rating in terms of our service and commitment. They have applauded us for being the manufacturers of the most comfortable vest they have ever seen!  . We believe in delivering you the world’s best technology, services and product because we value the life of every person!

Obviously the life is priceless and that’s why one must not take a chance to risk it.  We understand that it could be riskier to buy such vital hard body amours from other different sources. You don’t have to worry about it if you own a hard body armor by Indian armor.  We are a well-established defense company who have a vast expertise of more than a decade in designing and manufacturing body amours. Indian armor produces high grade quality products to safeguard the life of the wearer and thus you can completely rely on us. Ordering procedures are quite simple and straightforward. For more information about our products, just log on to

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