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Ballistic Plates by Indian Armour

Hard armour plates, usually known as (HAP) work in conjunction with the interior armour pack to stop a bullet from penetration or stand alone in a plate carrier vest. These hard armour plates provide protection against high-velocity rounds.
Our hard armour plates offer better resistance against Lead Core and Mild steel core bullets and made with special varieties of materials like Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Aramid, ceramics or a compound solution of all these materials together.
Indian Armour’s bullet resistant panels are light weight and engineered with ‘energy dissipation mechanism and provide protection from high-caliber rifles. The high strength and low-density solution make our plates extremely durable and lightweight along with ample mobility and endurance.

Our Ceramic Plates are specifically engineered to be strong enough to smash a bullet upon impact and challenge any sort of material penetration. These offers an advantage over steel being extremely lightweight while offering maximum energy absorption. Our Ceramic plates are manufactured using quality materials such as boron carbide, silicon carbide, titanium boride etc.
We offer Hard armour plates for threat level against NIJ level III, III Plus to Level IV Armour Plate  for stand alone protection and in conjunction with.
Our hard armour plates undergo stringent testing in house and NIJ accredited international laboratories to ensure optimum ballistic performance. We rigorously keep conducting Research & Development to designing and manufacturing even lighter and stronger plates to withstand the threats future battlefields.

  • Indian Armour products are NIJ certified and are listed on the NIJ website as a certified and approved supplier
  • Our products are tested in both field-level and lab-level environments
  • Lab-testing occurs in various laboratories in India,  the US, UK and EU regions
Chesapeake testing
NIJ certifications
NFSU Certifications
  • 20 years of ballistic manufacturing experience
  • Patented and Trademarked Technologies
  • World’s most vertically integrated manufacturer from yarn to finished products
  • Weaving capacity for 80,000 sqm per month
  • 150+ sewing systems and capability for ultrasonic welding
  • Up to 10,000 helmets and 10,000 vests a month
  • Various testing machines
+How effective are ballistic plates?
Ballistic plates are effective in stopping bullets as per their rated protection levels such as NIJ Level 3 or NIJ Level 4.
+What ballistic plates does the army use?
The army uses ballistic plates of either NIJ Level 3 or Level 4 protection, and these may be in an “In-Conjunction With (ICW) soft armour” type or it may be in a Standalone (STA) type.
+Can bulletproof vest stop ak47?
A bulletproof vest which has hard armour can resist bullet penetrations fired from an AK-47 rifle, but this ultimately also depends upon the specification of the bullet as well.
+What are ballistic plates made out of?
Ballistic plates are made out of composite materials such as UHMWPE, Aramid and ceramics such as Silicon Carbide or Boron Carbide. These materials act together to stop bullets and fragments from penetrating the wearer.
+How much do ballistic plates weight?
Ballistic plates can vary between 1 kg to up to 3.6kg depending upon their rated protection level and whether they are classified as an “In-Conjunction With (ICW)” or “Standalone (STA)” plate.