Ballistic Protection

Ultimate Ballistic Protection

Indian Armour has experience of more than two decades in developing and manufacturing high-quality body armour protection systems. All our ballistic protection products are certified by accredited laboratories according to international testing standards. Our ballistic body armour includes custom-made protective vestsplate carrier systems, covert armour, overt armour, stab-proof vests, de-mining protection, hard armour panels, ballistic helmets, and tactical systems. These products are widely popular among security specialists, law enforcement personnel, and Special Forces.

Ballistic Body Armour

We offer a wide array of premium ballistic body armour products that offer superior protection against the risks arising from political violence, organized crime, ambush attacks, tactical missions, etc. We have multiple configurations of ballistic plates of various constructions, protection levels, and weights which can be customized according to user requirements.

Armour Plates & Ballistic Helmets

Our hard body armor and soft body armor provide protection levels of NIJ Level IIIA, III, III+, and IV. Furthermore, we also manufacture ballistic helmets that can be equipped with VAS Shroud and side rails for attaching accessories, as well as the modern FAST inner helmet inclusive straps. Our range of head protection gear is well suited to be used in multiple scenarios which include active shooter situations, disaster relief, high-risk areas such as post-conflict nations, armed security personnel, and military deployments.

Armour Vests

Our vests are engineered with three primary objectives: low weight, superior quality, and maximum safety. With our innovative ballistic vests and protective solutions, we offer enhanced protection to our users. Our vests are designed to offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement which are essential for extended usage without fatigue.

Indian Armour’s range of ballistic body armour is the most trusted, lightweight, and offers ergonomic solutions for safety with the highest standards of reliability and durability. Whether you need helmets, plates, vests, or any ballistic protection, we ensure that our product range meets all your armour needs.