ballistic vest is also known as a bullet-proof vest. This is a type of personal armor, which helps you protect yourself from explosions. The soft vests are mainly made of different layers of laminated fibers. This can give you protection from small-caliber handguns and other shotgun projectiles. It can save your life from hand grenades as well.

These vests have a ballistic plate which is made of metal or ceramics. These extra layers can give you protection from rifle rounds. These layers also can save your life from stab and slash attacks from knives and similar types of weapons. Police forces usually wear the soft vests along with national leaders, security guards, and bodyguards. The combat soldiers, police tactical units, hostage rescue teams, and special forces wear hard-enforced vests.

Coconut Tree is a Part of Body Armour

  • Researchers of UPM have successfully made bullet-proof, multi-layered body armor. They mainly used the layers of coconut sheath and Cocos nucifera sheath to create this body armor. Earlier, aramid fabric was used for creating classic bulletproof jackets, but these days, coconut sheath can also replace the material.
  • There is an innovation called Techno-Economic Hard Body Armour that can protect from the bullets. This Techno-Economic Hard Body armor is placed under any bulletproof vests to make it stronger.
  • This also fulfilled the requirements of the National Institute of Justice Level 3 ballistics criteria.
  • This bulletproof jacket can bear the impact of blunt trauma. According to the leaders, the blunt trauma measurement was 26.52mm. This is lower than the maximum blunt trauma limit of 44mm, according to NIJ.
  • This coconut sheath vest can save 44% of fabrication cost in comparison to Kevlar based material.
  • This process is environmentally friendly, as well. On the other side, ceramics and Kevlar are non-biodegradable; hence, it can pollute the environment and harm the eco-system.

Development of Kevlar Vests

Many variations were brought into the making of ballistic vests throughout the years as the technology has improved immensely. Currently, the weight of level three’s bulletproof jacket is approximately 5.5 pounds. This heavy-duty bullet-proof jacket can give you protection from almost every handgun rounds.

Research says it has saved more than 4000 officer’s lives since 1987. The National Institute of justice tested the version of the Kevlar Vests for several years, and then they found it can stop ordinary bullets. This can especially control thirty-eight particular types of bullets and other twenty-two types of long rifle bullets.

Technology of X-Ray 

A professional can effortlessly scan the body armor plate with an X-ray machine. This inspection is required to assure the buyers. It gives buyers the satisfaction that they are getting exactly what they have ordered. This plate acts as a protective layer to stop high-speed bullets. Also, it can stop armor-piercing ammunition and high-speed grenade fragments. The policemen carry the plates in a special pouch in their bodies.  Even doctors, soldiers, and journalists can wear this while working in a challenging conflict zone.

This is an essential job, and technicians pay quick attention to it. Also, the technicians have to complete the assessments before delivering them to the customers.

Additionally, it helps to measure the physical dimensions. The technicians have to make sure that it fits their customers perfectly. Before delivering, they have to check the density of the ceramic material and thickness as well. Only these technicians can notice a slight scratch on the corner of the plate. By comparing thousands of similar defects, they can solve any serious issues.

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