The body armour for military soldiers from Indian Armour is flexible to adjust to give a feel of comfort to the wearer. Side Comfort Straps on our bullet proof vest stretch to allow the wearer to breathe comfortably besides ensuring a proper snug fit. The vest is capable enough to avoid excessive heat build up in a hot sunny day. Our military tactical vests exclusively follow NIJ standards of various level. These vests are bullet, spike and stab resistant. They are flexible and thus let the wearer to feel comfortable.

Hard armour panel are equipped with hard and heavy components like rifle plates or strike face panels which are generally made up of ceramics or high density PE etc. But it’s true that bearing such heavy panels for the whole day is quite cumbersome for them. Our vest has front and rear pockets that makes it easy to either insert or remove rifle plates or strike face as when the need arises.

 Our military tactical vests is cut around the arms, shoulders and sides. This makes our vest quite comfortable. Th e design of our body armor is perfect to enable the wearer to make the body movements with ease.

Our panels can be inserted perfectly into the carriers and do not require fabric in excess. In this way the rubbing action that may arise due to extra fabric, can be avoided. Our vest provides complete angular safety by completely wrapping around the side of your body. That means this arrangements ensures more coverage area for body.

Our body armour will be comfortable for the wearer even when he/she is sitting. While the wearer is sitting, the panels support the back and our vest being flexible can be readjusted to give a feel of comfort.

Our clients have given us high rating in terms of our service and commitment. They have applauded us for being the manufacturers of the most comfortable tactical gear they have ever seen!  . We believe in delivering you the world’s best technology, services and product because we value the life of every person!

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