Indian Armour offers the latest generation of Police vest. Our Police vests offer protection against stab and ballistic threats and are certified in accordance with the National Institute of Justice Standards.

Our Police vest is tested against fragmentation and ballistic protection to meet the requirements of the latest National Institute of Justice Standards NIJ. Our Police vest offers.

Performance by:-

  • Incorporating the latest aramid technology.
  • A range of ballistics, stab, spike and combination to meet the varying operational requirements
  • Designed and manufactured under the stringent accredited quality system.
  • Offer bespoke tailoring to maximize comfort and operational effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive size range to fit all.
  • Service/ Commitment
  • Committed to creating a responsive partnership with customers
  • Vested interest in the user’s safety
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Our reputation for excellent quality with technical knowledge, the company has become the Biggest market leader in protective equipment.

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