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Indian Armour flotation vest represents a Revolutionary New Concept in Body Armour that is fully interchangeable and upgradeable.  It is designed for the marines, coast guards, and law enforcement operators involved in naval protection. Our flotation vest offers ballistic protection against NIJ Level IIIA while maintaining buoyancy and other required characteristics of a ballistic flotation vest. This vest is compatible to upgrade for higher protection using add-on hard armour plates.


  • The Vest has internal pockets to accommodate Soft Armour Panels (SAP) and Hard Armour Plates (HAP) for the Front and Back and is fitted with a Drag Handle.
  • The vest accommodates the fitting of accessory pockets that are made to customer specifications. This system can adopt every aspect of a Load Bearing Vest and allows the attachment of other accessories such as Utility Belt, BackPack, Inflatable Flotation Devices, Hydration Systems, and Repelling Harness.
  • Velcro adjustment on the sides and shoulders allows 10cm variation in waist size and 5cm in garment length.
    An integrated Body Belt greatly improves the ergonomic characteristics and provides continuous comfort during long periods of wear.
  • The Vest accommodates the SAP’s as the Tactical Garment. It has been developed for underwater diving operations. Quick-release buckles facilitate expedient dumping of the armour in emergency situations.
  • The garment is made of waterproof PVC-coated Nylon Mesh fabric so that it does not hold water.
  • The Vest has been developed for Waterborne Patrol operations. It accommodates flotation panels that provide 100N of buoyancy.
  • A Drag Handle and Crotch Strap with quick-release buckles facilitate the wearer’s extraction from the water. It can also be fitted with pockets that contain a rescue kit and survival kit.
  • The Garment design allows for the interchangeability and upgrading of Armour protection levels according to the customer and operational requirements.
  • SAP offers protection against US NIJ 1010.06 level IIIA

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