Ballistic Folding Shield


IA-Ballistic Briefcase is discreet close protection and a rapid-deployment solution. Its non-threatening appearance and easy carry feature make it ideal for executives, close protection officers and VIP bodyguards.
It can be unfolded rapidly with one hand to provide a sizable line of defense for ballistic and fragmentation threats.

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  • Protection Level: In accordance with Threat Level III-A (as per NIJ 0101.06)
  • Ballistic Material: KEVLAR
  • Outer Cover Material: As per customer’s requirement
  • Dimension: – Folded Size 50X35 CM
  • Unfolded Size: 50X 140 CM
  • Weight: Approx. 7 kgs. +/- 5 % (Depending upon Outer Fabric & Protection) (for 3 folds)
  • Rapid Opening: to 180oC
  • No. of Folds: Two or Three (as per requirement)
  • Protection Against: Pistols, Revolvers with 9mm Bullets

  • Warranty for the Ballistic Material: 5 years (Subject to usage conditions).

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