Ballistic Technical Fabric


We at Indian Armour believe in the importance of working with customers to deliver solutions that help their business prosper and grow. Indian Armour has an international reputation for innovation and quality, supplying a wide range of high-performance technical textiles for critical military applications to diverse markets around the world.

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Woven knitted, dyed, coated and finished fabrics form the basis of our product range, supported by high specifications raw material and competent design team. The ability to deliver unique product solutions is achieved not only working closely with customers, understanding their requirements and developing real partnership but also through collaboration with leading suppliers.
The breadth and vertical nature of our business are amongst our greatest strengths. Maintaining a high level of investment in people and equipment, Indian Armour continually improves quality and performance standards. This investment is reinforced by a dedicated research and development team ensuring we stay at the leading edge of technology.

• Woven meta/Para-Aramid fabrics
• High tenacity nylon parachute fabrics
• High-performance Polypropylene fabric.

Light Weight Bullet Proof Vest, Jackets, Hard Armour, Panel Inserts, Bomb Blankets, Shields, Helmets and Combat Shoes.

Armouring of Civil and Military Vehicles.

Seat, Floor and Wall Armouring.

Bridge, Storage Compartments and Command Center Armouring.

Armouring of Industrial and High-Risk Sites.


5-year performance Warranty on SAP

1-year performance Warranty on Outer Carrier

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