Helmets date back to the 23rd century BC and are among the oldest types of personal protective equipment. Originally, the current tactical helmet was designed to shield users from fragmentation and pistol bullets. Today, helmets are designed to be a high-performance, lightweight military and law enforcement solution, and are available in a wide variety of types, sizes, and configurations.

While researching high-quality tactical helmets, we understand how important it is for you to buy helmets that provide as much protection as possible for your most valuable assets, i.e., your people. To meet the strict demands of the US military, a tactical helmet should be rigorously tested and developed. If you are on an overseas mission or deployed at home in law enforcement, the helmets you use should have an impact reduction that is imperative for safety during the line of duty.

Buy one for every officer

First of all, selecting and choosing which officers you would like to buy these helmets for is not considered to be a good idea. Of course, some of the officers in the police department could have more dangerous jobs than others depending on their job roles. For example, it makes sense for officers who work in SWAT or riot control to need these helmets, but you might not be as worried about regular patrol officers getting them. However, when on the job, all of the officers can encounter a dangerous situation, so they all need tactical helmets to safeguard themselves.

Avoid buying from military surplus

Some police forces make the error of purchasing for their officer’s military surplus helmets. This is also more accessible and can seem like a smart way to ensure that your officers are covered without investing too much of the potentially restricted budget of your department. Military surplus helmets, however, are typically older helmets. They may not be up-to-date and may not be as good at protecting the officers like the current helmets on the market may be. It is ideal to select new helmets from a supplier of tactical helmets that specializes in supplying to police departments. This will help you with the newest and safest helmets on the market so that they are better covered by your officers.

Buy one of the proper size For just about every sort of helmet, including tactical helmets, sizing is important. They may not cover as much surface area if the helmets are too thin, which means they will not have as much protection. Plus, if the helmets are too small, they may be so uncomfortable that they are less likely to be worn by the police, which increases risk if they are in a very dangerous situation. Besides, helmets that are too big are not a good idea either, because in case of a threat, they might not be safe enough to keep officers protected.

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