Demining Apron

Concept Garment Design

The De-Mining Suit is designed as a full fitting suit to provide maximum possible protection against fragments and explosions from detonating anti personnel mines. The Garment design allows for interchange ability and upgrading of Armour protection levels according to the customer's requirements.

Special Features
  •  • Provides complete upper torso protection from Neck to Knee.
  •  • Velcro and Webbing adjustment on sides, shoulders and legs ensures exact fit.
  •  • Flexibility and low weight enables the suit to be worn comfortably for long periods of operation without restricting wearer maneuverability.

Outer Garment

The outer garment is washable and made of high quality 500D Nylon Cordura fabric that is specially treated to be flame retardant, water repellent, and abrasion resistant. The inner most layer is made with poly-strong mesh fabric and fitted with our integrated Trauma Reduction System - this facilitates airflow arround the wearer's body to ensure maximum comfort and effectively dissipates energy from the Chest in the event of an explosion.

Soft Armour Panels

The Panels are manufactured with multiple layers of High Tenacity Aramid Fabric to provide Blast Fragment protection that satisfies MIL-662F for 17 grain fragments > 450 m/s and beyond.

The area density is 2.4 kg/m2.

Each Soft Armour Panel is vacuum- sealed inside a PU coated Nylon fabric cover that is ultrasonically welded to protect the Aramid Fabric from moisture and UV light degradation.

Area of Cover

The Armour inside the suit provides a total protection area of 0.9m for the torso and .07m for the arms and legs (optional)


The complete Demining Suit fitted with Armour panels weights approximately 4.0 kgs (6.5 with arms and legs )

  • White, Blue, Tan

  • Level III/IV Armour Plates
  • Demining Helmets and face sheilds

Protection Levels
One size fits all


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