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We offer a wide range of military-grade tactical vests, head gear and other ballistic personal protection products. Our personal body armour products provide protection to wearer from head to toe– which is simply a necessity in certain fields of work.

In addition to personal protection, we also manufacture protective equipments that can be used to provide improvised cover for groups of people during an attack like ballistic shields, ballistic Morcha, Armoured vehicles etc.

Our ballistic vests are made of high quality hardwearing fabric and designed to meet specific need of the wearer. All our personal protection products are put to a series of tests before reaching the customer so that our end users don’t have to worry about the practical features and effectiveness under duress. We supply our quality ballistic products globally and keep on working to meet specific need of our customers.
The nature of defensive operations demands nothing short of perfection, since the slightest mistake could be very costly in terms of human lives. That is why we manufacture products that are reliable and battle-tested.

By providing security professionals with a broad choice of anatomically shaped protective gear, we offer complete solution of defence body armour products for military & police force. Whether you need tactical gear, body armour, outer vests or plate carriers, we offer a large selection for you to choose from

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