pads in Ballistic Helmet

Importance of pads in Ballistic Helmet

TBIs on the battlefield are mostly caused by ballistic impacts and exposure to shock waves from explosions.

The use of high-explosive materials has recently increased the frequency of blast Traumatic Brain Injuries (bTBI) among military personnel and civilians.

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We live in troubled times, and it would be a mistake to imagine that the past was peaceful. Throughout history, various cultures developed personal protection equipment such as body armours to defend their people during times of strife. These technologies … Read the rest

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A ballistic plate is a protective armoured plate that is inserted into a bulletproof vest to improve the vest’s safety during high-risk scenarios. Troops, police officers, and other law enforcement personnel wear light body armour as a common practice when … Read the rest

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Kevlar Vest

Lifesaving ballistic vests

Lifesaving ballistic vest is one of the best and the most essential body armour which can be upgraded and interchanged as per the needs of the user. These protective vests are specially designed for people in the army, military, coast … Read the rest

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