Demining Clothing by Indian Armour

Our demining clothing and equipment have been engineered to the latest ballistic standards whilst offering optimum comfort and protection. The range of our demining clothing includes demining suits, demining vests, demining aprons, demining visor/face shield, demining helmets, etc. Each part of demining clothing serves an important purpose as these are used for protecting the wearer from fatal injuries, or potential limb losses at work on mine survey or clearance operations. Mines are a huge threat and by wearing demining clothing lives can be protected in a practical and safe way.
To ensure total protection, demining suit is always useful as it comprises of the vest with sleeves, collar & groin, gloves, trousers, shoes, helmet with face shield that provide head to toe protection to the wearer.

These De-mining products are optimized for improved comfort by lowering the weight and enhancing durability without compromising safety to protect soldiers and individuals involved in minefield clearance. We supply our protection solutions to various safety agencies and defense customers around the world.
We use a wide variety of high-quality protective materials, including woven aramids, unidirectional high-performance polyethylene, ceramics, hybrid fabrics, etc. We also offer custom ballistic solutions designed to meet specific ballistic requirements, as well as combined integrated ballistic protection systems.

  • Indian Armour products are NIJ certified and are listed on the NIJ website as a certified and approved supplier
  • Our products are tested in both field-level and lab-level environments
  • Lab-testing occurs in various laboratories in India,  the US, UK, and EU regions
Chesapeake testing
NIJ certifications
NFSU Certifications
  • 20 years of ballistic manufacturing experience
  • Patented and Trademarked Technologies
  • World’s most vertically integrated manufacturer from yarn to finished products
  • Weaving capacity for 80,000 sqm per month
  • 150+ sewing systems and capability for ultrasonic welding
  • Up to 10,000 helmets and 10,000 vests a month
  • Various testing machines