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Please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at +91-9811268600 if you have any queries concerning the progress of an order or any other product-related questions.

Body armour packages vary in weight, and all orders are shipped via FedEx and DHL, with order tracking information accessible. Shipping details will be emailed to you as soon as your order leaves our facility. Actual transit time of shipping are subject to quantity and location.

It generally takes 2-3 business weeks. The majority of our goods are custom-made to order and must pass stringent quality assurance tests before they leave our facility. We take pleasure in providing the finest quality items to our clients and appreciate your time.

Yes, we ship to international locations. However, there are documentation that is required in order to export, which we can advise on once we know the intended final destination. You may also check with your own government to find out about body armour import restrictions in your nation, as well as anticipated import duties and taxes.

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Product Questions

Panel, plate, and insert are all synonyms for an armour plate or panel that is inserted into a bag pack, or carrier.

Soft body armour is comprised of soft, flexible materials that can bend in different directions. Indian Armour Systems provides soft body armour against small arms at NIJ levels IIA, II, and IIIA within bullet proof vests. If you want your bulletproof vest to block bullets that are more powerful than a.44 Magnum, you need to insert Ballistic hard armour plates inside the carrier.

Hard armour, also known as ballistic plates, are hard plates composed of compressed polyethylene or ceramic composite that are intended to block bullets that are more powerful than a.44 Magnum.

Testing & Technical Details

Yes, our products have been tested at international laboratories such as H.P. White’s Laboratory, Whitshire, and NIJ, and test records are available upon request. In addition, our company is also listed on the NIJ website. For further information, please visit https://www.justnet.org/compliant/ballistic cpl.html.

There are various ballistics protection level standards. The US National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the most widely accepted standard for body armour. This is widely regarded as the industry standard for testing body armour. The NIJ guidelines specify the threats that each level of body armour will shield against, as well as the power of the assault that it will withstand.