High Temperature Industrial Safety Helmets


The industrial safety helmet is the most important and widely-used headpiece for protecting the head of a worker in the workshop, construction site or mine; it is primarily intended to protect a worker’s head against the blow of a falling object, the direct impact of an object in motion, or the concussion brought about by an incident in which the worker trips.

The protective function of the industrial safety helmets is well appreciated by the workers at large.

Appearance with nice marbe line uniformly, light weight.

High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, punch resistance penetration resistance higher than national standard. Anti-static, flame-resistance, resist high temperature and low temperature are all comply to and two times higher than international inspect standard of safety helmet.

Natural patterns, vivid color, classic design.



Multi-layer ceramic fiber Insulated Tile

A multi-layer tile material produced from layers of alumina enhanced thermal barrier material having different densities. The insulation layers are bound together by a high strength, high temperature alumina or silica binder having a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of the insulation layers. Use of the multi-layered tile allows the problems of tile slumping and of insufficient heat management associated with low density alumina enhanced thermal barrier tile to be overcome.

Two thermal qualities, low prices High reflective, long lasting.

With this innovative and unique, insulated tile, you can substantially reduce humidity levels in your basement and enjoy first-class insulation. Unlike other sub-floor systems, with Insulfloor wood and concrete are not in contact with each other. No space exists for humidity, mildew and odours to develop.