Armoured Vehicle

Armoured Vehicle

Indian Armour is a high-quality specialized manufacturer of armoured vehicles.

Our Armoured Vehicles are manufactured to the highest standard and ballistic integrity. These vehicles are produced under strict manufacturing conditions using the highest quality of ballistic materials.

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We employ a highly skilled project management team to oversee the whole development process in-house including the development of prototype design and manufacturing.

The strength of Indian Armour lies in the capability of weaving Ballistic Grade Aramid fabric used for blast protection combined with a state-of-the-art unit for manufacturing large Composite Armour Panels. These panels are capable of withstanding multiple hits from armour piercing bullets and are much lighter and stronger than steel.

Armoured Vehicles

We protect by armouring with composite material. Our state-of-the-art facilities assure high volume production with consistently superior quality.
Lightweight transparent bulletproof glass – Only the top Quality ballistic glass is used with custom features included to maintain ballistic protection at higher temperatures.

Ballistic Steel

Wide range of Armour available tested in accordance with National Institute of Justice Standards.

Floor protection

Flexible multi-layered ballistic Kevlar is sealed to the entire floor, roof and body of the vehicle. Designed to absorb bomb and ballistic fragmentation.

Run-flat system

Run-flat device in all tyres. These tyres continue to run even after a tyre is punctured or burst. Up to 60 miles at 60mph. after a bullet hit.

Suspension, Shock absorbers and Brakes – Front shock absorber replaced with custom made coil. Our shock absorbers fully tested in off-road conditions. Smoothes out the ride over all terrains and provides stability to offset increased load due to armouring. Rear Brake shoes replaced with high-performance material for improved braking and increased safety.

Dual ram bumpers

Concealed behind both the front and the rear bumpers, this option allows each vehicle to ram their way out of a dangerous situation without causing inoperable damage.

Specifications & Options
  • Level B4, B5, B6 or B7 Protection
  • Bomb Blast Protection Floors
  • Ballistic Glass
  • Protected Batteries
  • Upgraded Suspension
  • Upgraded Brakes
  • Run Flat Wheels
  • Ram Bumpers
  • Optional Gun Ports
  • Strobes and Siren

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