Ballistic Goggles keep your Vision clear during situations where perspiration or temperatures are extreme, without compromising on eye safety. These are easily wearable with/without headgear or helmet.

An essential eye-saving product for ballistic protection to eyes, in use for military operations, counterinsurgency, de-mining operations & all areas where the human eye is in danger.

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Standard  Features:

  • Clarity: 100% distortion-free optical clarity and quality.
  • Colour: Replaceable, Interchangeable Clear / Tint / Smoke Grey / coloured lens, with tight-fitting.
  • Radiation Protection: 100% UVA / UVB protection, Anti-reflective, Anti-fog, Anti-scratch.
  • Impact: Withstands .22 caliber ballistic impact at 650 ft and shotgun blast fired from 10 meters.
  • Comply to ANSI Z87.1-2003 + and MIL – V 43511C.
  • Material: High impact resistant, fog proof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate.
  • Shape: Curved shape, plain, scratch less.
  • Dual Protection Lenses: Has 2 joined lenses, the outer lens of thickness in options from 2.0 mm to 3.2 mm, the inner lens of thickness options of 0.3 to 0.9 mm.


Material: Made from high quality, impact & heat resistant material.

Colour: Black / Olive Green / Foliage Green / Dessert Tan / Grey / Cream / any customized colour is possible.

Fitting: Frame has soft face foam for comfort & sweat absorption. Snug-fitting over the eyes, nose & cheekbones to prevent the entry of dust, smoke & particles. Easily worn with B. P. helmet/turban/winter cap.

Filtration: Has adequate wind filtration parts along the full perimeter, covered with foam to prevent entry

of fine sand, dust, etc.

Cover: Every Frame is supplied in one black colour cloth goggle cover. Rugged Protective Case also available.


The Frame has an attached shoulder Strap with the following features:

  1. a) Quality: 35 to 55 cm length (without stretch) to fit every face. Quick strap elastic adjustment, stretchable.
  2. b) Material: High quality polyester of black / green / grey / cream / customized colour.
  3. c) Width: Strap width in various options of 35 to 45 mm.
  4. d) Thickness: Available in options of 1 to 3 mm.
  5. e) Locking: The strap has a push-button type opening/locking fitment.


Can be used in Ambient Temperature from -70 to 80 C.