IA Ballistic Visor offers protection to face from small shrapnel fragments. The Ballistic Visor provides protection against NIJ Level IIIA rounds and works as a face shield.  IA – Ballistic Visor is a low-profile, lightweight visor system that mounts quickly  to full coverage PASGT or COMBAT style helmets with our unique adjustable head band.

Product Description

Ballistic Impact: 44 magnum at 420m/s ;  9 mm FMJ at 420m/s ; 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev at 420m/s

Fragmentation: Stanag 2920; V50=790m/s

Weight: 1150 gms +/- 5%

Visor Thickness: 1″

Adjustable Grip-Lock Clamp

Visors will fit Small, Medium, and Large size helmets

Warranty: 5 Years against manufacturing defects