The Demining Protective gear is a lightweight protective suit, all-enveloping from head to foot, which is easy to wear but allows the wearer far greater comfort and ease of movement compared to the normal EOD suit.

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Jacket: Provides front, back, side, shoulder, and neck protection with the additional feature of HAP pockets. The high collar is designed to work in conjunction with any Helmet.

Arms: Separate sleeves provide optimum mobility.

Groin Protector: Can be worn in either the raised or lowered position. When raised it provides extra protection to the abdomen area.

Trousers: Supported by stout braces, this unique design provides freedom of movement and optimum protection to the legs.

  • Engineered from high-strength Aramid Fabric.
  • STANAG 2920 with a V50 rating from 450 m/s – 650 m/s.
  • STANAG 2920 with a V50 rating from 450 m/s – 650 m/s.
  • Incorporates front and rear pockets for the insertion of Hard Armour Plates Level NIJ III, III+, and IV.

Optional Accessories
  • Ballistic Helmet with Face Shield
  • Carrier Bag
  • BP Vest bag/Carrier
  • Hard Armor Panel (front & back)

  • 10 years performance warranty on Hard Armour Panel
  • 5-year performance guarantee on Soft Armour Panel
  • 1-year performance guarantee warranty on Outer Carrier (Subject to usage conditions)

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Black, Navy Blue, Olive Drab, Olive Green, UN Blue


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