The Demining Vest is designed to provide maximum protective coverage against fragments
and explosions. It is best suited for demining operations where explosives pose a real threat.
The vest supplied with front, back, side, shoulder, neck and groin protection with the additional feature of HAP pockets.

Standard Features:
Engineered from high-strength ballistic fabric
Nomex outer shell or as per customer requirement

Product Description

Adjustable side closure design.
Front to back wrap around ballistic protection.

Protection Level
Protection against fragments of
• V50 – 400m/s
• V50 – 500m/s
• V50 – 600m/s
• V50 – 650m/s
Also Protects against 9mm FMJ, .357 Magnum & .44 Magnum Bullets.

(as per customer requirement)

Optional Accessories
Carrier Bag
Hard Armor Panel