NVG Shroud

The Indian Armous’s NVG Shroud is an excellent cost-effective helmet shroud designed for maximum versatility and functionality. These lightweight aluminum units are powder-coated . They will fit all ACH, MICH, PASGT, and lightweight Marine helmets with the standard MARSOC/ WARCOM 3-hole pattern and include foam gaskets to prevent vibration and wobble. The NVG  Shroud is designed to accept the standard issue Rhino Arm night vision mount. It is the lightest, lowest profile, least obtrusive and least expensive front shroud solution currently available.

Product Description

The NVG  Shroud is an integrated System that mounts directly to the front of the helmet thereby providing the user with direct center focused lighting while eliminating the need for auxiliary side mounted lights—reducing weight, encumbrances, snag hazards, and additional unnecessary equipment.


  • Aerospace Quality Aluminum Alloy & High-Strength Impact Resistant Polymers enhance performance & durability, including water & chemical resistance
  • Conformal Coating Ensures Optimal Reliability Under Extreme Humidity – Advanced Anti-Wobble Stability Management System with self-stabilizing compression & high-endurance shock absorbers
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Shell safeguarding attachment through extending surface area
  • Tether Plug prevents accidental NVG damage from drop/disengagement, yet releases when snagged or deliberate user action
  • Light Weight
  • Easy installation
  • Color As per requirement

Technical specifications

  • Weight – 45 grams
  • Aluminum Alloy


  • Black
  • Coyote Tan
  • Foliage Green