Indian Armour manufactures Spall liners to enhance the level of protection against spall or shrapnel caused by ballistic damage to a vehicle’s or a structure’s interior when a munitions-type projectile impacts it.
The spall liner provides added protection to vehicle occupants and internal equipment from the risk of injury or damage due to flying metallic debris. It controls the spall by dissipating the projectile’s force and trapping the fragments. It is a supplemental tactical vehicle armor solution offering protection against small caliber ballistics and fragments on a variety of military tactical and armored vehicles.

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The spall liner is a laminate made from layers of high tensile strength woven fabric such as polyaramid fabric or ballistic nylon. Our spall liners are available with different kinds of surfaces for heat insulation or noise reduction, including cellular foam with both noise and vibration-dampening effects. These are available in a selection of different colors. We work on custom panels with the use of specialized cutting machines to create smooth and straight lines.  We also can make angled cuts for edges to conform to the vehicle contours.

A spall liner can be installed inside any platform using various mounting possibilities. They are made of energy-absorbing materials and can be fabricated into panels or blankets. The installation process is similar to the common hook-and-loop fastening system that is easy to install and remove quickly. Spall liners can also incorporate part features such as holes for other fasteners.

Indian Armour offers bespoke solutions to suit your exact requirement taking into account any weight and threat levels. Our spall liners are:

Specifications & Options
  • Available for protection against NIJ Level IIIA
  • Maximum single panel dimensions of 1500x1200mm
  • Made with High-quality woven Aramid fabric
  • High flexural strength to absorb ballistic shocks and shrapnel.
  • Modular and removable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and quick installation with a smooth finish

There are two main types of spall linings depending on the complexity of the vehicle: hard-pressed panels or flexible blankets. Hard-pressed panels are stiff, durable, and suitable for vehicle locations where visibility is high and physical support is low. Spall blankets are more flexible and consist of layers of fibers that are encapsulated by a polymer for protection against moisture, wear dust, and UV light.

Indian Armour can offer custom sizes of spall liners cut to match your vehicle panels or walls. These can be attached to the inside of a vehicle’s structural armour and can increase the safety of passengers and equipment. Spall liners can be designed to attach to existing panels in a variety of methods such as hooks, bolts, or even adhesive-based systems.

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