Special Force Helmet

The Indian Armour Advanced Tactical Special Force helmet is a specially designed light-weight head protection gear for Special Forces & SWAT teams. With no lip and ear coverage, offering maximum flexibility and comfort, this helmet has a minimal profile allowing for extended usage. Providing essential impact protection against multiple types of ammunition, it is the most popular helmet for tactical missions.

Manufactured in compliance with NIJ and DOD specifications, these helmets protect against deadly cranial impacts. Our ballistic head gear has minimal Behind Armour Blunt Trauma (BABT) making it your ultimate safeguard against head injuries. We can also offer customized versions of these helmets according to your requirements.

Product Description


High ballistic performance with low weight, using high-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber.
Unique processing method and perfect fit suspension system.
3 different suspension systems. All have a 4 point chin strap harness, with an integrated nape pad.
Crown Mesh: Crown Mesh with cross straps; with plastic chin cup
Leather Ring: Shock Absorption harness, with leather webbing and leather split chin strap.
Pad: 7 EVA foam pads; with webbing split chin strap
Offers level NIJ 0101.06 IIIA protection

Small to X large

Olive Drab, Desert Tan, Black, U.N. Blue, Navy Blue

Ballistic Face Shield
Helmet Cover
Helmet Bag
Picatinny Rail
Picatinny Rail Adaptor
NVG Shroud
Bungee cord