Tactical Gears

Tactical Gears by Indian Armour

Indian Armour is your one stop solution for tactical gears like tactical vests, tactical backpacks, slings & holsters, mag pouches, MOLLE pouches etc. We offer a wide range of the durable and reliable tactical gear needed for any scenario as per user’s needs.
Our survival and military gears are built to military and international standards and engineered to meet the rigors of daily use on patrol, out on mission etc.
Our huge range of tactical gears provide both premium and cost effective options for day to day needs of soldier’s operation.

  • Indian Armour products are NIJ certified and are listed on the NIJ website as a certified and approved supplier www.justnet.org
  • Our products are tested in both field-level and lab-level environments
  • Lab-testing occurs in various laboratories in India,  the US, UK and EU regions
Chesapeake testing
NIJ certifications
NFSU Certifications
  • 20 years of ballistic manufacturing experience
  • Patented and Trademarked Technologies
  • World’s most vertically integrated manufacturer from yarn to finished products
  • Weaving capacity for 80,000 sqm per month
  • 150+ sewing systems and capability for ultrasonic welding
  • Up to 10,000 helmets and 10,000 vests a month
  • Various testing machines
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