Helmets are one of the oldest protective elements to keep you safe from various threats along the way. Today, with an increased number of crimes and weaponry related accidents, threat protection helmets have quite a long way. Body armours made of ballistic protection armour materials and ballistic helmets are one of the major requirements in the military.

Whether you’re overseas in the battlefield from the army or practicing law enforcement, purchasing Ballistic Protection products with Para-military ballistic helmets to threat protection helmets should be done by considering a few important things, because a single mistake or lapse in the protection can cost thousands of lives.

When you buy a ballistic Helmet or any other part of protective suit, your armour should have impact reduction capabilities with respect to the line of duty. You don’t have to brainstorm all the things before purchasing a body armour or ballistic helmet; we have got you covered with our checklist below.


The tactical ballistic helmet must have padding, suspension and harness system combined with ballistic materials to provide a completely integrated system of protection. Padding inside of the ballistic helmet must be comfortable and should provide additional protection and comfort. Padding indirectly makes the helmet more comfortable to wear and protect against threats.

Modern bike helmets get deformed within a second of the intense crash. Padding, suspension and the harness system acts in a combined manner during the moments of impact by absorbing minor force from the outside stimuli.

Ballistic helmets which are the part of body armours must be strictly evaluated and medically researched as well. They should have solid covering so the head would bear minimum impact in an accident.


Body armours should have high resistance properties in their products, especially in the case of ballistic helmets. The helmets must be made of materials which offer impenetrable resistance. Though it cannot be achieved to 100%, these helmets are categorized in various levels depending on degrees of ammunitions. Additionally, unique armour ballistic helmets are designed and made especially for army personnel on ships, tanks and other law enforcement security cells. Helmets must be tested and rigorously experimented to increase ballistic strength as specified by NIJ standards.


Ballistic helmets must be coated with Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) specified to be used on military equipment in sites of aviation, military base, navy, munitions and other army battlegrounds.

Before choosing any ballistic helmet, it’s essential to confirm their standards. They should be constructed with keeping every factor in mind, classified to what their materials can defeat and resist. CARC coated on the ballistic helmets can withstand harsh chemicals used in the processes of decontamination.


The ballistic helmets should include all standardized tests following NIJ, Mil Std, ASTM, CRASH and other tests including crash testing the critical impact and trauma standards to ensure accurate results to provide protection irrespective of the deployment area and purpose.

Your ballistic helmet must integrate with the remaining body armour to generate the best possible protection result out of these ballistic helmets. Your helmet provider must have a quality certificate and partnership with leaders in the stream of material science, having experience with working with forces for a prolonged period.


The utmost stability arises only when your ballistic helmet fits perfectly on your head. It is no doubt that if your helmet sits too low on your head, then the tendency to block your vision increases. Where both the vision and stability factors are considered, you cannot and should not take chances with ballistic helmets. Because lowered agility during combats can have the worst consequences.

Avoid settling for anything that does not fit or is too large, heavy, tight or is misfit in any way. You can never think of being annoyed amid flying bullets, hence always be mindful of the measurement and quality while purchasing ballistic helmets.

Helmets are built to be lightweight so they can be used in any tactful situations, used in military by the army personnel and other law enforcement sectors. Today, ballistic helmets are constructed with a lot of research and rigorously tested through challenging conditions to ensure its quality meets the requirements of army personnel.